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We believe God has given us a unique calling to serve independent, indigenous, mission directors by connecting their life's vision with those willing to pray and provide resources.

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  • > 95% Program Expense
    (to our partners)

  • < 5% Admin. & Fundraising Expense
    (to do what we do!)

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*Initially, Global NIM reserves 5% of each donation for administrative and fundraising. By year-end what is deemed unnecessary for future administrative costs is made available for partner needs. Financials are available upon request; IRS filings are available through on-line sources.

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How does Global NIM get connected with its international partners?
This is easily the #1 question. The answer is, "It depends." Many of Global NIM's partners (sometimes referred to as "mission directors") are individuals known personally by one or more of the board. In other instances, Global NIM has received a trusted recommendation for one already serving the Lord. The recommendation comes from someone willing to vouch for the integrity and financial trustworthiness of a new contact. In a few cases, the mission directors found Global NIM via the web and they initiated first contact. In these two or three cases, Global NIM has gone to great lengths to validate identity, outreach effort and most importantly, their sincerity and trustworthiness. In no case do we commence a financial sponsorship without first gaining this confidence through networking and prayer.
How much of my donation is used for overhead expenses?
Initially, only 5% of each donation is held for possible administrative use. However, at the end of each year, if it is determined that some of the current "administrative" account balance can be released to projects without jeopardizing a reasonable carry-forward, then absolutely it will happen. Thanks to an all-volunteer staff and careful cost control, administrative overhead has typically been less than 5% of all donations since Global NIM began in 2004.
What kind of support does Global NIM provide to its mission directors?
An ongoing relationship supported with prayer is paramount for each partner. In addition, Global NIM supports with practical and creative advice and, of course, financial assistance for projects and certain recurring expenses.
Can I get my donation matched by my employer?
It never hurts to ask. Global NIM has already been the recipient of a few such matching gifts through company matching gift programs and through providers like Benevity.com. Often, if the company understands that Global NIM has options to allocate such matching gifts to efforts of "health and human services," they are fine with allowing the matching gift. By all means, take a moment to fill out your matching gift application, submit it to your company and Global NIM can take it from there. If it works, what a fantastic blessing it will be!
How long has Global NIM been in existence doing this sort of work?
Global NIM was incorporated in March of 2004 and has been actively engaged in support of international Christian outreaches ever since.
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